ASL Dictionary for iPad App Reviews

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Like it!

I would like it better if they updated the app with more signs. I like the app. Thank you. 😊

It works

Great well thought out app. You can adjust speed, repetition, or play the sign as a loop. Im a total beginner and this app makes me want to keep going.

Fewer features than the HD

I'm disappointed that this is a scaled down version of the HD. The description says it's improved and has all the same features. It does not. No play-all feature, fewer categories. It's an inaccurate description of this app.


I like this dictionary. I gave it four stars because nothing is perfect.

Very helpful app!

I love the slow motion and the repeat loop feature. Thank you so much for this awesome app! It's the best! :)


I have never written a review for anything but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this dictionary. That I use everyday!!! Kudos👍

G'ma Deaf

Hello. I'm 77 and within the last 3 months, I've gone stone deaf. I bought this app in hopes It would be of some help. IT HAS BEEN!! I bought it about a week ago, and today used what I've learned on it on an actual person. They UNDERSTOOD and ANSWERED (signed!) Its a joy to be able to actually talk to someone again!! Thanks guys!!!

Favorite ASL App

Love this app. I bought the smaller dictionary one on my phone that had the other lady doing the signs. I bought this expanded version for iPad but wish it had the other woman signing, this one has a puss on her face.

Sils advisor

I love it and the people I work with are so excited and appreciative that I want to speak to them in their beautiful, expressive language instead of writing notes. Thank you also for the looping feature to help me really see how to sign the word! you have helped me expand my mind and I just can't say enough good about it!

Never to old to learn

Sign language is one of the most lovely languages. I am having a blast . This dictionary with it's favorites aspect, makes it one of THE resources to have. I wish it had more medical stuff ( I'm a nurse and that's why I'm learning this) and phrases but overall it is the best.

Asl app

I have 3 apps with ASL dictionaries. This one is the most user friendly. Quick. Precise.

I love it

Very good 😊

Awesome app

Gaining more vocabulary daily

Rockin Grama

I know that teaching your young child or baby signing makes them smarter. I didn't have this with my own daughters when they were young and raised my two grandsons with it. Though my daughters were intelligent, my g-sons are having an easier time of it and are more advanced. I credit this to signing. I've downloaded four other signing apps and didn't like them . I'm finally happy with this one because of the search option and the slow down option. There's other things that make this app easy to use and when I got this one, I kept it. I love this!

Asl dictionary in ipad

It's most helpful and beautiful sign language with dictionary and vocabulary.....

Awesome for kids and adults alike

I use this app every week at our after-school program to teach the kids sign-language, they really enjoy it and now that it is in some high school as a second language they will have a head start in the understanding of ASL.


Excellent value. Had it on my Nook, loved it, love it more on my iPad. Particularly like that I can use it in an area with no wifi.

It's good, but....

It's good, but it could use with some updating. Would be nice to continue to add more words and signs. Lately, only every other word I look up is in the dictionary. For 7$ they can do a update every few weeks and add more signs.

A must-have

The videos are clear and the amount of entries remains unmatched.

Very helpful

Thorough and easy to follow

Very helpful app!

I use this app all the time, it's one of the best dictionaries I have seen.

Clearly understood

Awesome signing and great expierence. Easily found words to discover and very useful.

G R E A T!!

This awesome! I saves me time just to tap a letter and not have to leaf through pages!

Visual signs

Can't say enough good things. Very helpful

Beginners dream

Love this app as it covers all basics and allows an entry for reviewing favorites. Great for preparing to join an entry signing class. Have recommended it to friends who have not been disappointed.

Love this App

Love this App. Really helps my learning

Great app!!

Great app!!

Great app!

So much better than trying to learn signs from a book. Always wanted to learn ASL, this is a great resource.

Excellent app for slp

As someone new to sign language and an SLP, I have found this app invaluable for quickly looking up signs and the videos are more engaging for the students than a static picture so I find they pick up the signs and readily imitate the signs more quickly. Great app for working with nonverbal children in the school setting

The Best

This is the best site I have ever used for ASL! It is easy to follow. I use the favorite list all the time. I would love to type in a sentence and see it repeated In sign language . Thanks for making this available off line.


This application is awesome and a big help. My wife and I are trying to learn sign language to continue communicating. I'm losing my hearing and the application helps.

This is a great help!

This app makes it so easy to not only learn the correct word, but to go back and view it over and over to get just the right movements!

Fantastic App

I can't tell you how great & helpful this app is! If you are learning ASL this will be your perfect companion!!!

I Love It

I interpret at church and this app has been amazing!

Great app! Very useful!

It doesn't need an internet connection. Helped me improve my ASL.

I recommend downloading it

I love how I don't need Internet connection to use the app. I do wish they had a description box that explained how to do the signs. Sometimes it is difficult to see exactly what she is doing. Another idea wold to make the background of her brighter.

Great App for ASL

I have checked out most Apps available for ASL and have found this App to be the most comprehensive and the easiest to use. It is also the most reasonable in cost and most practical. Now that there is a place where you can save your favorites, it is a useful tool for learning ASL and also as a reference source anytime.


Very pleased with the app so far. Would like more conversational signing please. Thank you.


This App needs an update. A lot of signs are out of date and have changed.

Great app

I feel bad askin, but can you add the feature of being able to play music in the background while watching the video clips? Will give 5 stars once that is implemented. Also my app does not look like the screenshots shown above. It says i am fully updated though. What can i do to fix that.

Pretty great for the most part, it's handy.

Pros: Given that I'm still learning ASL (and on on distantly practice outside of class) and I sometimes don't remember all the minor but important signs this dictionary really helps me out. It has really come in handy when I had to sign for videos I had to turn in when I can't remember a sign and no one is around to help me. There's a lot of words in here. Cons: Not so great video quality, I really like Marley Signs app because of the video quality (but that app is not as vast as this one in terms of words). Also, I have come to find that certain words (It's hard to describe which) are not in here. I would say the video quality is the worst part. Same goes for the iPhone version.

Very thorough

I haven't used sign language in two decades and, to be honest, my skills were poor at best. Had this tremendous resource been available to me then who knows what I would be able to do today. This dictionary is everything I could want. Words, idioms and phrases and the accompanying signs demonstrated in video clips that you can watch at regular speed, slow motion and looped. Darned near perfect.

Great App

Great app and this has more words than my ASL book! Would have gave 5 stars if I could make my own categories and place my faves in it or set up words to make sentences to practice. But over all best signing app so far....

iPad 4

So far so great...could ya'll add more and more words & sentances?(: or give the option were you can type anything and it'll translate it and show it?? please do that!! wish i could give more stars for that!! Thank You!!!!


Program great for beginner ASL students. But program freezes which is frustrating.

Good except

The image of the person is blurred, more so, in the hands region. There are some of the dictionary words that do not work.

Get help from Gallaudet or Berkeley City College

I am an ASL fluent Deaf individual and was reviewing this for a friend who wants to learn ASL. Don't buy it! Too many fundamental errors, lack of consistency and unnatural way to learn ASL. This creator mixes Signed Exact English, Pidgin Signed English and ASL. I would not give any more stars until this product is peer reviewed and approved by Gallaudet or Berkeley City College.

Excellent for ASL students

I really love this app! It is definitely worth the money. I love that it doesn't need Internet connection to use. I would like to see a few improvements though. The first is to have a play all button and a random play button. I'm using this app to brush up on my vocabulary and that definitely would help. I would also like to see deaf idioms more so than hearing idioms. Over all this is my favorite app.


This app is great! I love that you don't need an internet connection to use it. I like this tablet version b/c it's easier to see. Although, I love the iphone version too!

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